Installation of NovelOrg's electromechanical action system on a mechanical organ

A demonstration of NovelOrg’s new action system was carried out on a mechanical organ built by pipe organ builder from Québec, Canada. The five-stop suspended action instrument does not have a coupled manual. The new electromechanical action system enables the second manual to be coupled with the first and allows for the playing of the high and low octaves.

It is possible to compare the traditional mechanical action with the new electromechanical action, by playing on the organ’s first manual. It has been demonstrated that the action system accurately conveys to the pallet the subtle finger movements of the organist, exactly the same way as a classic mechanical system does. Simply put, sound produced has exactly the same nuances, because the organist has complete control

Organ specification —Suspended, mechanical key-action

Organ - Mechanical Taction


  • Manual I
    • Prinzipal 8'
    • Blockflöte 4' (common)
  • Manual II
    • Bourdon 8'
    • Blockflöte 4' (common)
    • Quinte 2 2/3'
    • Gemshorn 2'
  • I/P and II/P

NovelOrg’s Electromechanical Action System

  • II/I
  • II/I-octave 4'
  • II/I – Mute (off) 8'
  • II/I-octave 16'


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