Organ of “Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen” in Germany

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In October 2011, NovelOrg, as a contributor to the restoration program for the organ of the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen, completed the installation of a proportional key action system. The restoration of the Trossingen organ, which has three manuals and pedal board, was entrusted to the renowned organ builder Eduard Wiedenmann of Oberessendorf.

The Trossingen organ has a conventional mechanical action and was originally built by Rieger Orgelbau in 1992. Subsequently, an additional bank of twenty cone valve chest stops was added. Unfortunately, it proved to be impossible to use these new mechanical stops, as the force required to overcome the air pressure in the system was of the order of 700 grams for a single key.

Many attempts were made to solve this problem through the use of conventional electromagnets, but none proved to be successful. In July 2011, Wiedenmann was approached by Andreas Seul, an organ builder intermediary and NovelOrg representative in Germany, who proposed the NovelOrg proportional system as a potential solution. Following pull force testing, NovelOrg determined that a second electromagnet could be added, acting as a slave to the first, to satisfy the force requirements for a key actuating two cone valves. Wiedenmann then proposed this solution to the Trossingen Hochschule project team, who immediately recognised the effectiveness of the NovelOrg system, with its ability to maintain the sonority of the stops through dynamic cone valve actuation.

The action enhancement effort began in the middle of September 2011. Sensors were installed on the three manuals and pedal board, and electromagnets were installed under the cone valve chests. The control system and coupling software were incorporated by NovelOrg on 13 October 2011. Subsequent system testing demonstrated that the proportional key action system eliminated the problem of high key force, while maintaining the subtlety of the action and overall organ sonority. The performance of the NovelOrg system in Trossingen is truly impressive and constitutes a world first for organs of this type.

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